85 Amazing AIP Breakfast Recipes

The AIP Breakfast Recipe eBook!

Like most people, one of the first things I struggled with when I went AIP was What do I eat for breakfast?

I’ve been an egg girl since I was a kid, and giving them up was really tough for me. When I went paleo, I LOVED the breakfast options, but when I went AIP, I was at a total loss. Most mornings, I felt like I settled for leftovers or a green smoothie with some protein on the side.

You can imagine my delight, then, when my friend Eileen from Phoenix Helix sent out an email to some fellow AIP bloggers about putting together a collaborative cookbook! This cookbook of 85 recipes is compiled from blogger/authors like Sarah Ballantyne from The Paleo Mom, Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt from Autoimmune Paleo, along with 24 other bloggers who gave heir carefully-crafted recipes to this awesome ebook!

This book has spectacular recipes like:

AIP Coffee
Pumpkin Spiced Pancakes
Cinnamon Pork and Apples (one of my recipes and a family favorite!)
…and over 80 more!

85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts came out earlier this month, and I’m so excited to not only be an affiliate, but share a few of my own recipes within its cover! To purchase the book or see more details, click the picture below!

85 Amazing AIP Breakfast Recipes

85 Amazing AIP Breakfast Recipes


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