Super Delicious Winter Squash Souffle - Paleo and AIP. Perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Winter Squash Souffle

My goal these next few weeks is to provide you with some great dishes you can serve your family over Thanksgiving and the Holidays! Several other AIP bloggers and I have put this recipe list together to provide a well-rounded menu. The Souffle recipe I’m posting today, however, is not on the list, so you can only find it here!

This fall-flavored soufflĂ© is a personal weakness of mine… Once I start eating it, it’s hard for me to stop! I absolutely love its sweet, velvety and caramel-like flavor. I think you’ll love it for a dinner side, dessert, or for your Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts! If you can’t find the kabocha or buttercup squash (both are green pumpkin-looking squashes), this recipe works beautifully with an equal amount of sweet potatoes.


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