Nightshade-Free Red Wine Pasta Sauce

Red Wine Pasta Sauce (Paleo, AIP)

I’m really excited to share this recipe, because I feel it offers a genuine Italian flavor without tomatoes OR beets, unlike many tomato-less pasta sauces (mine included). Since a lot of us autoimmune people are sensitive to tomatoes and nightshade plants and vegetables, and I wanted to mix up the traditional Beet+Carrot-based tomato sauce to cut down on the dishes, transferring to the blender, and the sweetness from the beets. Bring in: Red Wine.

This “Nomato” sauce is as easy as they come and has great color and depth of flavor, thanks to the red wine. (Don’t worry, the alcohol will be cooked out.)

In summary, this sauce is (ready for this?): 100% paleo, AIP, beet-free, blend-free, one-pot, Italian red sauce. Break out the zucchini and spiraler, ladies and gents, and enjoy an Italian meal.

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