Grilled Whole Chicken with garlic, rosemary, and lemon (10-minute prep) Paleo, AIP, GAPS, SCD

Easy Grilled Whole Chicken with Garlic, Lemon, and Rosemary (Paleo, AIP, GAPs, SCD)

Looking for a summer crowd-pleaser that takes only 10 minutes of prep and keeps the heat out of your kitchen? This one is for you! While this whole chicken roasts on the grill, the lemons stuffed inside of it bubble and boil around the garlic and rosemary to infuse the smokey grilled meat in the most savory, juicy, and delightful way. In fact, I wish I would have doubled it when we made it last night because I’ve been reminiscing about it all day. :) Another thing I love doing while I make this recipe is wrapping up some sweet potatoes in foil to throw on the top shelf on the grill with the chicken. They take about an hour until they’re soft, and then they can sit out for 30 minutes or so. (Just keep them in the foil and set them by the grill…They’ll stay hot.)

Also, keep your eyes out on my blog, Facebook, and Instagram in the next month or so – I’ll be announcing our little one’s arrival when he decides to join us, and we have some great guest-post recipes coming up as well!

But first, I must apologize for my long absence away – summer with all three kids at home and getting ready for baby #4’s arrival this month have kept my mind (and schedule) pretty occupied!

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